EASYIN Classic Indoor Bike Rack 2 Bikes

Sale price€289,00

Are you looking for the most suitable bike stand for your needs?

For each bike, a safe solution! Discover our Classic interior bike rack that installs easily and quickly inside your vehicle.

No more fear of “losing your bikes” or stopping to check if the straps are still holding your sports equipment: with the EASYIN indoor bike rack, you are sure that your bikes remain inside the vehicle throughout the journey.


The indoor bike rack: for whom, why?

For anyone looking for a simple and reliable solution for transporting their bikes. EASYIN is the innovative concept of a bike rail that is placed inside your vehicle and can carry 1 to 4 bikes!

Made in France, made of natural and blue anodized aluminium, this on-board bike stand is reliable equipment that will make your life easier. He has already conquered more than one!

Technical details

Further information

  • easy installation and storage (no tools required)
  • rail of great stability equipped with anti-slip
  • 4 grooves for movement and full-length accessory
  • Length: 99 cm width 16 cm, thickness 2.9 cm
  • fork support with 360° rotation to position the bike perfectly on the rail
  • Easy to store when not in use, compact equipment
  • weight: 3.8 kg (excluding option)

NB: delivered with 2 fork supports. Universal Multi Axle fork support delivered Bare Without Axle. To be purchased separately.
Optional accessories: additional fork support, wheel support, fork support riser. . .

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